Rise And Shine….

Good morning/evening/time of day to everyone out there.

So this is happening. I’ve been putting off doing this for a long time, with constant excuses along the lines of “I have nothing to show”. And, well, I don’t. But continually putting this off just made sure I had an extra thing on my to-do list. And it’s such a simple thing, really, the first blog post. If I were halfway towards a competent ‘blogger-person’ I’d make this post an incredible introduction to what this site is for. There’d be research, carefully chosen phrases, bullet lists…

To hell with that, Me. Make the post, start the site, get back to all the more time-intensive and important stuff. Strike one thing off the gargantuan task list I’ve stupidly given myself. My name is ViolentSleep, and I write things. I write horror, I write science fiction, and I write rambling blog posts. I’ve dabbled in making video games in the past, with more than a few browser games that never saw the light of day, but my focus is firmly on my greatest strength – written fiction – now. And that means interactive fiction. Games in the style of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books because those things were phenomenal parts of my childhood. I recall getting murdered in Goosebumps with a reverberating warmth, that is not entirely unlike heartburn.

Obviously, there’ll be more to come in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. I’ve got some fiction in the pipeline of both the interactive and non-interactive varieties that’ll I’ll show you when the time is right. For now just…I dunno. Use this blog post as a motivational tool I guess and do what I did. You’ve got something to do, I’m sure. Even if it’s just the dishes or some inbox clearing, go do it. It’s always nice to be able to mark a task as done, even if it’s not a herculean task. Momentum’s gotta start somewhere after all. Objects in rest, Newton, physics, all that jazz.

Back soon with something considerably more substantial if everything goes according to plan (pro-tip: nothing ever goes according to plan). Sleep silently until then.

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